We are "value long-only" investment managers with an absolute return orientation. We seek to achieve these investment goals over the medium to long term of three to five years or more at a relatively lower level of risk by investing in securities of companies with above average underlying business economics, competent and honest management in place and at entry prices that are calculated to be sensible relative to the valuation of the equity securities. We systematically exploit persistent behavioural biases. We apply a disciplined, long-term orientated opportunistic value approach to our portfolio selection and are committed to producing attractive positive long-term returns irrespective of market returns. We are generalists without favouring a specific sector or company size. Gritcapital fundamentally believes that good businesses make sound investments only at bargain prices. These opportunities can appear in any sector or in any type of security thus we are a generalist without favouring a specific sector or company size.

The funds are current closed and in ‘soft launch’ for a limited number of investors. We intend to change this once we feel confident that we can fully support our investment activities and when we have drummed up enough investor interest. In the meantime we are preparing ourselves for the day we can invite you in.

This website is not a solicitation for our funds and only here for information purposes. We give you information about what we're up to and why we feel so strongly that we have an investment strategy worth considering. We are gritty and know that there will be times when it will be hard to 'stay the course'; but we are patient, intend to be in this game for long run and motivated to prove to you that we have good reason to attract your attention.



Systematic decision making across Global markets

Grit's MultiFactor fund is our first investment fund applying a quantitative value strategy to a select group of global markets. We try to eliminate the influence of human biases by using a systematic model to do the stock picking and portfolio selection.

We believe that this strategy will beat traditional indexes over the long run. This fund is an important first step in Grit’s fund structuring plans as the MultiFactor fund will serve as a benchmark for VariantView; an actively managed frontier markets value fund.  This benchmark will be the true test of Grit’s active value strategy for if the actively managed frontier markets fund cannot beat an algorithm then spending scarce resources on active management is hard to justify. Admittedly this would be an intellectual defeat but we are prepared to accept this. read more



Active fund management in inefficient markets

The VariantView fund is focused on investing in publicly traded equities in frontier markets. The inefficiencies in these markets favour actively managed portfolios. VariantView applies a disciplined, long-term orientated, opportunistic value driven strategy seeking solid businesses that are trading at attractive prices relative to their intrinsic value.

VariantView is focused on absolute returns whilst minimizing the permanent impairment of capital. We think the only benchmark worth considering is Grit’s multi-factor fund; for if the actively managed VariantView cannot beat an algorithm then why spend scarce resources on active management?