Grit thinking

Even GOD would get fired as an active investor

This is a great little article by Wesley Grey of Alpha Architect highlighting the benefits and challenges of investing with conviction and staying the course.  Basically the article describes the read more

Small stars can shine bright

by Mark Mobius | Templeton

Mark Mobius of Templeton makes a point that within the emerging-markets universe, there are a number of small-cap stocks with shining potential that he thinks shouldn’t be ignored.

We eat our own cooking

by Russel Kinnel | Morningstar

Morningstar published an article analysing whether fund managers who 'eat their own cooking' outperform managers who don't. As intuitively expected the article confirms significant out-performance of the investment funds in read more


by Christopher H. Browne | Tweedy, Browne Company

This is the very eloquent transcript of a presentation by Christopher H. Browne from Tweedy, Browne Company LLC to Columbia Business School Graham and Dodd Value Investing in November 2000. In succinct read more

And The Next Big Thing Is… Degrowth?

by Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge

Maybe a long term trend that will have more and more influence on the way we see our future. I certainly think this issue will play an important role in read more

Fiat Money and Business Cycles in Emerging Markets

by Roger McKinney | Mises Daily

The Central banks in the West is arguably doing more damage in the Emerging world than at home.  It is therefor not surprising to see the instability rising in these markets. Fiat read more

The Long-Term Success of Value Investing Briefly Explained

by Steven De Klerck | Grit Capital

Benjamin Graham is considered the father of value investing. In Security Analysis (1934) and The Intelligent Investor (1949) he lays the psychological and technical foundations of successful value investing. Value read more

Value Investing in Emerging Asia over the 1999-2012 Period

by Steven De Klerck | Grit Capital

In reply to the publication by Dr. Marc Faber of our study Value and the rest we were asked to document the returns to value investing in emerging Asia. In read more